Culver City Real Estate

    Culver City, California is a small city situated about 4 miles northwest of Inglewood, California and 9 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. The city is home to the headquarters of National Public Radio and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Culver City was incorporated in 1917, and the very first film studio was established in 1918. Since that time, hundreds of films and television shows have been made at Culver City’s various studios, including The Wizard of Oz, E.T., Lassie, and The Andy Griffith Show. Culver city has many other appealing attributes, including restaurants, arts and culture, a farmers market, parks and recreation, and affordable housing.

    At its March 27, 2017 meeting, the City Council of the City of Culver City adopted a Resolution to declare itself a sanctuary city. By adopting this resolution, the City essentially “reaffirms its commitment to welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and will uphold and protect the human and civil rights of all individuals under the State and Federal Constitutions, regardless of immigration status.”

    Culver City in LA County is named after its founder Henry Culver. Much of Culver City is surrounded by Los Angeles city. The city is famous for the headquarters of Sony Pictures Entertainment and its aircraft industry established by Hughes Aircraft Company. Several film studios were built in Culver City in 1920s in Culver City. Most prominent among them was Metro Goldwyn Myer (MGM). MGM later became Sony Pictures Entertainment. Shooting of many popular movies was carried out in Culver City. Some of them are ‘Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, and Grease. Hughes Aircraft industry has since been taken over by Boeing, General Motors, ands Raytheon.


    Culver City has a population of around 40000 people. 60% of the population is white while the rest is made up of Latin, African American, Native American, Hispanic, and Asian. Median household income in Culver City is a decent $77000. However, nearly 7% of the population of Culver City lives below poverty line. Median household income in Culver City is 29% higher than California but median home value is a staggering 66% higher than the state average. This is why the cost of living in Culver City is 23% higher than California.


    Culver City is served by its own school district called Culver City Unified School District. There are many elementary, middle and High Schools in Culver City providing high quality education to kids. There is a private school called Star Prep Academy that allows kids to interact with exotic animals as a part of its daily curriculum. For undergraduate courses, there is West Los Angeles College situated in Culver City.


    Culver Hotel, a pie slice shaped hotel, is a major landmark of Culver City. Another major landmark is Sony Pictures Studios with thousands coming to Culver City to see it every year. This studio happens to be the largest employer for the people of Culver City. Culver City has many museums and theatres for the lovers of art and culture. The city is a paradise for the bikers with Ballona Creek bicycle path and Culver Boulevard Median bicycle path providing opportunities for fun and recreation. The city has lots of parks to provide opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment in the outdoors. Most popular among these are Culver City Park and El Marino Park.