Santa Monica Real Estate

    Santa Monica’s iconic coastline is as enviable as it is enjoyable. The seemingly endless coastline that stretches across the Pacific Coast Highway is full of sunshine, glistening waters and popular destinations like the famed Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade. The booming neighborhood mixes sophistication with a relaxed beach environment, where many world-renowned restaurants, hotels and shops are within walking distance to the shoreline. The open-air feel of Santa Monica is displayed in its beach-friendly homes and apartment residences that blend a high level of opulence and modernism with classic architectural designs. The city is filled with many affluent single professionals and established families who prefer luxurious coastal living.



    Santa Monica is a beautiful beach city in Los Angeles County in California. This city is surrounded by Los Angeles on all three sides with different neighbourhoods of LA being adjacent to it. Santa Monica is like a paradise for all those who want to live life like a vacation. It offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation in the form of swimming, biking, beach volleyball, and even gymnastics by the beachside. Santa Monica is today famous as a beautiful resort town not just in America but also across the world.


    Before it was developed as a beach town, Santa Monica was inhabited by Tongva people who called it Kecheek. It was connected to Los Angeles in 1870s when a wharf was laid out. Town hall was built in 1873 while the beach town got its first hotel by the name of Santa Monica hotel in 1885. It was construction of electric railroad in early 20th century that allowed people from Greater LA to come and see the beauty of this beach city.


    Santa Monica has a population of nearly 90000 people. It has a high population density of 4116 people per square kilometre. 77% of the population is white. 13% of the population is Hispanic or Latino while there are 9% Asians and a few African Americans making up the rest of the population. Median household income in Santa Monica is close to $70000. Surprisingly, 11% of the people live below poverty line here.


    Santa Monica has its own school district. There are 8 elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools in Santa Monica to take care of quality education for the kids. There is also a very popular weekend Japanese supplementary school system called Asahi Gakuen operating in Santa Monica. Students from far away areas come to attend this supplementary school on weekends.


    Santa Monica is a beach resort town with all modern amenities for its residents and the tourists. It has hundreds of high quality restaurants and shops and boutiques selling art and handicrafts. The whole of Santa Monica is like a tourist attraction. However, it has certain landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade that are worth visiting for any tourist. There is a solar powered Ferris wheel on a wooden wharf at the pier. Santa Monica is a walkable town where you can explore everything on your feet.