West Hollywood Real Estate

    West Hollywood (aka “WeHo”) is one of Los Angeles’ top neighborhoods, which includes famed streets like Sunset Strip, Robertson & Santa Monica Boulevards. West Hollywood benefits from a very dense, compact urban form with small lots, mixed land use and a walkable street grid
    The Sunset Strip has it all, including entertainment venues like the House of Blues and the Comedy Store, the lively Saddle Ranch Chop House and fine dining at Herringbone. WeHo is home to Southern California’s largest LGBT community, and is the site of the annual Gay Pride parade in June, and the Halloween Costume Carnival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of partiers. The Abbey is the most famous of WeHo’s numerous bars and clubs, which are mainly located on Santa Monica Boulevard.

    Some of the best ultra-modern luxury houses are found in the WeHo community, and many celebrities have beautiful homes because of the stunning views of the city and easy access to all the night life and popular tourist attractions.



    West Hollywood simply referred to as WeHo by the residents, is a beautiful city in Los Angeles County in California. It is renowned for its majestic Sunset strip all over the country. West Hollywood is considered a playland for the singles because of its vibrant nightlife. This small city of California is one of the most desirable for not just visiting but also for living on a permanent basis.

    Long ago in the 19th century, Tongva people inhabited the piece of land called West Hollywood today. The Sunset Strip was then a connecting road from El Pueblo to Los Angeles. This land passed hands from one owner to another for around hundred years. Eventually it was developed as a town named Sherman by Moses Sherman. Employees of Los Angeles Pacific Railroad settled in this town. It was around this time that the area gained popularity as a place for loosely regulated people who were eccentric and wary of government regulations. The town chose to remainunincorporated despite several attempts by Los Angeles to merge it with its area.


    West Hollywood has a population of around 35000 people. Population density of West Hollywood is quite high, standing at 18225 people per square mile. More than 84% of the population is white while blacks make up 3% of the population. Hispanics and Latinos are the two other prominent ethnicities in West Hollywood. Median household income in the city is $52000 and nearly 15% of the population lives below the poverty line.


    Cost of living in West Hollywood is quite high because of very high property prices. Property price per square feet at present here are $935 which is nearly 8% more than last year. Lowest prices paid for a single family home last year was $650,000 whereas lowest price for a condo was $266,000. Highest prices for these commodities last year were $4 million and $4.1 million respectively.

    West Hollywood is served by Los Angeles Unified School District. There are 5 elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools in the city. All these schools impart high quality education to kids.


    West Hollywood is the smallest of the cities in California but it has some wonderful hotels. Sunset strip is lined with high quality hotels, restaurants shops, and bars. There are many parks for the recreation of the people. As the city is heavily populated with singles, the major source of attraction here is its vibrant nightlife.